Wind pulls through the emerald sea,
Whipping and lashing.
Waves spread
Across tall stalks,
Rough and fatal.

There you stand.
Legs obscured by the pale green field
You and I buoys in an ocean.

The dust is an earthy odor
When we shuffle through the grass
Sweet and stale;
Honey from a grave.

“Come back,” I sigh
As your small shadow
Disappears over the sun drenched horizon.


“Do you want to kiss the sky?”
she said. “Then do it.”

And the world fell away below
In the icy blue and white-

There was freedom in this great empty
And it was all for me.



Dreams are a warm breeze,
pulling through your mind,
gone before you understand how important they are.

Don’t let dreams disappear,
Make them your everything
Until they are made whole.



Lost in Space
in infinite

Between burning light and everything else
watch the flicker of burning hydrogen
drown in a cold vacuum

watch the beauty
of a star
licking at the edge of nothing.

Watch the universe not be concerned,
And make it work.

Take It

This world is not a place
for those of us,

Who are afraid
to make it our own.

Make this world
what you want to see;

Color and light
are your playthings.



The weight of blankets keeps us warm

you keep me warm

as new sunlight spills over the deep blue sheets.


it makes your eyes shine

and I don’t ever want to leave.

Facing Forward


For the first time,

in a long time,

she realized she loved the feel of rain

brushing her skin again,

the faint throaty roar of thunder,

the face that smiled back from the glass.

Older, wiser, and still lovely art.


For the first time,

in a long time,

she realized the world was beautiful

even when faced alone.