Take It

This world is not a place
for those of us,

Who are afraid
to make it our own.

Make this world
what you want to see;

Color and light
are your playthings.



The weight of blankets keeps us warm

you keep me warm

as new sunlight spills over the deep blue sheets.


it makes your eyes shine

and I don’t ever want to leave.

Facing Forward


For the first time,

in a long time,

she realized she loved the feel of rain

brushing her skin again,

the faint throaty roar of thunder,

the face that smiled back from the glass.

Older, wiser, and still lovely art.


For the first time,

in a long time,

she realized the world was beautiful

even when faced alone.



She’s not afraid to cry.


Weeping is weakness

and fear


Rolling off of her cheeks

and adding to the ocean

of her strength.



Ever wonder why

The world is afraid of you?


Because it’s easy to be in your shadow

When you burn so bright.

Cold Brick / Warm Whiskey


Cold exposed brick

and warm whiskey.


Humid nights

stretch underneath us

Endless as oceans.


We feel the smoke fill our throats

we smile

we wait for the sun to rise.


Show the world your everything

if they are afraid,


They don’t deserve a glimpse.


Light a fire in me

Let me burn

for you.


And my light will keep

your darkness

at bay.




We play the game.


With our worry

that we aren’t enough.


With our concern

That we won’t make it.


With our fear

That when all is said and done,

No one will remember us.


I say, fuck that.

Play the game.

Play to win.